About me

Experienced senior/lead level freelance user experience and user-interface designer, working in London and Surrey

I collaborate with businesses and project teams to create engaging, intuitive, and effective interfaces for products and services across all connected devices, specialising in web and championing accessible responsive design.

I like finding simple solutions to complex problems, and I’m a firm believer in validated, evidence-based design, and in the principles of KISS.

The disciplines of user/product/service design mean different things to different people, so I thought it would be useful to describe where I sit within the spectrum.

Whilst I’ve had exposure to many disciplines within the practice, I generally sit on the design side of UX, and can usually be found somewhere in amongst the activities below.

Things I am mostly doing:

I am genuinely commercially aware and can often offer valuable and inventive insight in that critical area of cross-over between the needs of the user needs vs. business requirements.

I am familiar with project management models from traditional waterfall through to various flavours of agile, lean, etc. I've also worked solo on projects and have experience managing small teams, but mostly I like to work alongside other like-minded designers, developers, and forward-thinking stakeholders.

Some clients I have worked with:

British Airways, British Gas, Barclays PLC, EE, Vodafone, Seren, EDF Energy, Sapient Nitro, T-Mobile, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Lloyds Register, Iris Digital, Infosys, nPower, Reed Global, Harrods, Tesco PlC and many others...